Valentine's Day

For this special Tuesday, the right Menu already worked out. The matching Gifts of course!

We are happy to accept your reservations
040-34 50 21 or by e-mail info@saliba.de
We look forward to your visit!


The Valentine's Day menu


Mini pizzas
with feta cheese and spinach, with sesame and harissa

The nation's irresistible starter in countless variations

Seawater scampi
on lime curry, with green couscous

Pink roasted saddle of lamb
that melts in your mouth - on a sheep's cheese sauce with fresh basil
served with various oriental-style vegetables, with Saliba's mixture of spiced basmati rice, enriched with roasted nuts

The sweet sin of the Orient
in their great diversity

per person: 60,00 €

Gift ideas

If you would like to give one of the three ideas as a gift, it comes with a rose.

The books

by Verena Falkner, cultural scientist, author, passionate cook and Orient expert, which show us that cooking can be quite sexy and let us in on the little and big secrets of love spices.

The scent of paradise

24,- €

The Arabian love spices

24,- €
Sex pepper: 13,- €

Design object

Inspired by the Syrian civilization, the multidisciplinary Syrian artist and designer Ammar Shoubat created these beautiful objects, designed in the Thuluth script, this object bears the slogan of love:
"The most outstanding character trait of a noble person is, 
To show love."

55,- €