Kifak Inta Séparée

The jewel in the crown of the Saliba

The new Séparée stands for an intimacy that goes beyond what the existing rooms at Saliba Alsterarkaden have to offer. Gather there with your family and best friends - after the wedding ceremony in the town hall or in one of the countless beautiful churches nearby (St. Petri, St. Katharinen or the Michel). Receive the congratulations and complete the wedding photos in the historic Mellin Passage ...

A unique room, but also for any other celebration where a certain exclusivity is desired, an intimate feel-good place with a magical atmosphere.

In the kifak inta séparée we serve an exclusive menuthat will relieve you as host of all decisions and care. You can be host and guest - in one person. The excellent dishes of the Saliba will be celebrated course by course and all your beverage wishes will be fulfilled.


Menu Saliba Symphony

Rich abundance, powerful harmony of different, interacting details - this is how the dictionary describes "symphony" and that is exactly what this menu is, that begins with the mazzathe nation's famous appetizer.

Relax ... and look forward to a sophisticated menu in splendid variety.

These drinks will accompany your Damascene journey: Champagne as an aperitif, great white wines from German winegrowers and Lebanese and Syrian red wines that need not fear comparison with top Bordeaux châteaux. You can choose non-alcoholic drinks according to your wishes.

If you would like to enjoy the kifak inta séparée and would like to experience our idea of hospitality, we look forward to receiving your inquiry at

And to the organization of your unforgettable evening.

Your Saliba Team