Saliba for home

Our mazza is also available out of house!

Hello neighbor, are you looking for unusual, exotic snacks for your opening, vernissage or meeting?
You are a Saliba fan and wanted to the classics of mazza have always enjoyed at home? Choose 8 different mazza variations
for 28,- € per person from our suggestions:
  • Humus, chickpea puree with tahina (sesame butter) and lemon (1)
  • Tabouleh, parsley salad with bulgur and tomato (2)
  • M'hamra, paprika paste with walnut and harissa (3)
  • Baba gahnoug, smoked eggplant puree with tahini and garlic (4)
  • Oriental potato salad with fresh mint and spring onions (5)
  • Goat's curd with walnuts and herbs (6)
  • Roasted eggplant with feta cheese and harissa (7)
  • Roasted cauliflower with tahini and sumac (8)
  • Stewed carrots with cloves and chili (9)
  • Steamed Swiss chard, black-eyed peas, coriander and cumin (10)
  • Slicing beans
    with spicy tomato sauce and fresh coriander (11)
  • Feta, seasoned with wild herbs, finely diced salad (12)

We also offer you:

  • Fresh dates stuffed with walnuts in a pastrami (beef ham) coating for 5,20 €/ piece
  • Grilled scampi marinated in curry for 6,20 €/ piece
  • Gyros from corn-fed poulard, marinated in 11 different spices for 6,20 €/ piece
Chickpea puree and parsley salad Humus and tabouleh

Delivery & accessories

If you are unable to collect our delicacies, which are packaged ready for transportation, we will be happy to order a courier for you. For the rental of knives, forks, scissors, lights ... we will name specialized companies. Please settle the accounts with these service providers yourself.

Our prices include value added tax.