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Hello and salaam

This book accompanies us through 50 years in Hamburg of the restaurateur, the sailor, the man Elias Hanna Saliba, whose life is equally rooted in his homeland Syria and Hamburg.

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Saliba's world


Hanna Saliba traveled to Syria with Lutz Jäkel to track down the roots of his culinary art. He looked over the shoulders of housewives and amateur cooks, friends and relatives, nuns and monks: in restaurants, in the alleyways of Damascus and Aleppo, in Lattakia, in the "Valley of the Christians", in the desert, on the Euphrates, growing grapes near Homs, distilling schnapps.

And Saliba traveled to the people, to the religions of Syria, which, as mosaic stones, bring together their historical and cultural diversity into a great, colorful life.

In over 50 recipes and richly illustrated reports, Lutz Jäkel and Hanna Saliba open up a culinary world full of regional and cultural differences and similarities, full of enjoyment and love of food.

Mazza - from the fine cuisine of Syria


It wasn't just the people of Hamburg who fell in love with mazza - the festive start to an oriental meal that quickly became known as the "caravan of delicacies". In this book you will find 49 original recipes of the nation's starter, illustrated with extraordinary photos by Hans Hansen. The texts have been caligraphically designed by Hanna Saliba's friend Jacques Toffi - in Arabic and German script and language. This volume is more than a cookbook - it is a small work of art.

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wellenbrecher_k Captains tell their best stories
Author: Stefan Krücken
Photographer: Achim Multhaupt

More than 25 captains tell the story of their lives in "Wellenbrecher". One of them is Hanna Saliba. Their experiences are full of romance, wanderlust and often high drama. The sailors had to cope with wild storms, vile pirates and unscrupulous gangsters, as well as with their loneliness and despair when the sea brought death to a ship. Written by reporter Stefan Krücken and photographed by Achim Multhaupt, "Wellenbrecher" is the second anthology from the ANKERHERZ VERLAG. Available directly from the publisher or in bookshops for 29,90 €.

"An incredible book"
The mirror "Wellenbrecher" is a read that calls for humility."
Berliner Morgenpost "What a book!"
Stefan Anker, Welt am Sonntag

Saliba's agenda


A beautifully designed agenda with photos from Syria by Jacques Toffi.

The dates are given without days so that they can be used in any year - even several times in a row. Double pages with a weekly overview alternate with photos, poems and short texts.