Gift voucher course: Changeable chickpea and tender eggplant

30.05.2024 and 25.06.2024, both at 6 pm

Hummus is made from cooked Chickpeas and is probably the best-known dish from the Arab world. The rules for its preparation resemble world views. Of course, you will learn how to prepare hummus according to the pure teachings.

Do you already know falafel? But not this good! These crispy vegetable medallions are made from soaked chickpeas, onions, garlic, herbs and spices and are deep-fried! Taratour and harissa sauce are a must.

The Eggplant is a soul warmer. Bringing out its fine aroma is the task this evening. How well the smoke in her Babaganoush does! The incomparable mouthfeel after the Deep frying! Which filling will flatter her? And how do I prepare a Moussakawithout smothering the tender eggplant? We'll see - and taste!