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The Saliba pleasure package

It's the time for fragrant nuts and spices and for a good book. The Saliba pleasure package can now be ordered gift-wrapped.

The Saliba pleasure package consists of...


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Hello and salaam

This book accompanies us through 50 Hamburg years of the restaurateur, the sailor, the man Elias Hanna Saliba, whose life is equally rooted in his homeland Syria and Hamburg.


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Our festively designed voucher is a special gift for dear friends and family. It can be redeemed at any time - by prior reservation - in our restaurant Saliba Alsterarkaden...


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Book: "Saliba's world"

In over 50 recipes and richly illustrated reports, Lutz Jäkel and Hanna Saliba open up a culinary world full of regional and cultural differences and similarities, full of enjoyment and...


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Book: Saliba. Mazza

An artful collection of 50 recipes for mazza, the nation's famous appetizer, superbly photographed by Hans Hansen, Hamburg; edited by Elias Hanna Saliba....


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Lebanese red wine

Lebanese red wine from one of the most renowned wineries in the Bekaa Valley. A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Grenache. Intense fruity flavor with a hint of red fruits and a hint of...


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Salibas oriental mulled wine

Saliba's legendary oriental mulled wine! A pomegranate, almonds and dried figs are included for extra refinement.

Alcohol content: 10,5%


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Yemen Mocha

Our Yemen mocha comes from the Public Coffee Roasters roastery in Hamburg. The Arabica beans in this mocha come from fair trade. They are roasted extra dark and...


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Pomegranate balsamic vinegar

Pomegranate balsamic gets its intense fruity-sour taste from long boiling down of fresh pomegranate juice in large cauldrons and is an indispensable part of oriental cuisine. It is suitable...


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Lime curry

This lime-fresh curry goes wonderfully with light summer dishes with fish, prawns, poultry or green vegetables such as broccoli, zucchinis, beans, asparagus or sugar snaps. Delicious in a herb butter,...


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Curry Hilaneh

The classic among curries! Beautifully spicy and hot with a warm, floral aroma. An all-round curry that goes perfectly with meat, fish, vegetables or pulses.


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Ilyas' Za'atar

Almost every family in Syria and Lebanon has its own recipe for this mixture. Traditionally, it is mixed with olive oil and used as a dip for flatbread or...


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Saliba Spice

Our unique house blend! It goes perfectly with all oriental dishes with fish, meat and poultry. Also indispensable for our homemade lamb sausages.


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